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Future-Proofing The Sales Business #Berlinale2018

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Challenges of the new international sales business.

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66 min. and 11 sec.

PODCAST| Listen to the panel dedicated to Future-Proofing The Sales Business from the 68th Berlinale.

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Senior international sales executives talk about how the international sales business (and their business models and strategies) are changing in 2018 and beyond. What challenges and opportunities do the digital platforms present for filmmakers? What territories do you need to know? What kinds of films are buyers looking for in 2018, and is that changing? We find out how sales companies themselves are also evolving to survive and thrive as the market changes.

Speakers: Nathan Fischer (Stray Dogs); Dana O’Keefe (Cinetic Media); Ioanna Stais (Heretic Outreach).

Moderated by Wendy Mitchell (Contributing Editor Screen International).

EFM Horizon: In the ever-changing landscape of film, media, and entertainment, the EFM Industry Debates provides opportunity to further explore and discuss current issues impacting the international film community. This year EFM Industry Debates has been refreshed under EFM Horizon and will be more interactive than ever, covering three relevant industry topics, latest ground-breaking developments and the growing inter-connectivity amongst the film, media, tech, and business sectors.


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