1st Italian TV Festival – Los Angeles #ITTV

ITTV promotes Italy as a creative and innovative system for the world’s most important content market.

FRED is joining the launch of the 1st Italian TV Festival in Los Angeles, on September 19th, 2019.

The idea of a festival came about to facilitate the conversation between those who, in Italy, think, write and produce audiovisual content, with those who, internationally, distribute, are in search of ideas, and/or seek alliances for co-productions.

The festival also offers a social srtting for showcasing the latest trends in smartphone and VR headset content implementation.

It will promote also a deep collaboration between international productions, host cities, the tourism industry, and Italian companies who want to successfully affirm their brands, worldwide. 

ITTV festival will showcase a wide array of Italian productions, and will capture the imagination of American and international veterans of Television series, films for TV, streaming productions, reality shows, web series, and titles in original Italian format that are ready for export.

To discover more about the Festival, click here.

Paolo Sorrentino #ITTV