2nd International Film Festival & Awards Macao #IFFAM2017

Twice as nice: Macao’s film festival seeks growth with second editon.

FRED Film Radio is joining the 2nd International Film Festival & Awards Macao on December 8-14, 2017.

The international mission of the International Film Festival & Awards is to establish itself as a hub for new filmmakers in Asia and create industry programmes to support them and help incubate their second or third features. It is also important to forge an identity for an international competition which is a thrilling showcase for first and second-time filmmakers and to act as a meeting place for Asian and western filmmakers and industry to collaborate in both artistic and business terms. As far as the region of Macao is concerned, the festival seeks to build a local audience for diverse world cinema with an initial focus on films which are both artful and crowd-pleasing and to put a spotlight on Macao as a new cultural destination and a location for film production.

For more information, go to http://www.iffamacao.com/

Laura Delli Colli #RomaFF13
Antonio Monda #RomaFF13
Michele Riondino #Venezia75
Alessio Boni – Respiri
Gaetano Capizzi – CinemAmbiente 2018
Annemarie Jacir – Wajib
Saleh Bakri – Wajib
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