2014 44 Venice FF

Shinya Tsukamoto, Nobi (Fires on the plain) #Venezia71

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Shinya Tsukamoto, Director, Nobi.

Festival Section: Main Competitionù

NOBI (FIRES ON THE PLAIN) is set at the end of WWII. After invading an island in the Philippines, Japanese servicemen meet fierce counter-offensive from the locals and the allied forces. It’s just amatter of time before the few survivors are wiped out. Private Tamura roams the jungle which is now hell on earth, with piles of bodies everywhere. Extreme fatigue numbs his mind and hunger changes him. When he starts to view his companions as food, he crosses a threshold into a realm where there are no friends, enemies or God.

FRED Film Radio feels honoured to welcome writer/director Shinya Tsukamoto to discuss the struggle to get the film made and the thinking behind his creation of this rather violent war story.

Reporter: Amanny Mohamed

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