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PODCAST | Welcome to FRED Film Radio’s new weekly show, Big FRED Tuesday – your weekly round-up of all things related to cinema, featuring news from the world of film and interviews with various international guests.

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In this episode, interviews from the 2021 Berlinale with:

– Bardia Yadegari and Ehsan Mirhosseini, directors/writers/actors of District Terminal;

– Hades Ben Aroya, director of All Eyes Off Me;

– Gustavo Pizzi, director of The Last Days of Gilda.

Also in this episode: the main winners of the 2021 Berlinale and Golden Globes; clips from recent interviews with Berlinale Talents program manager Florian Weghorn and WandaVision director of photography Jess Hall; and this week’s #PopcornClassic: Michael Haneke’s The White Ribbon from 2009.

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