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Diego Quemada-Diez, Co-Writer, Director, The Golden Dream.

Festival Section: Dare.

THE GOLDEN DREAM tells the story of three young Guatamalan kids, Juan, Sara and Samuel who decide to find seek out their fortunes in America. As they travel on trains and through dangerous terrain, they seem to have found another person, an indigenous Indian who speaks no Spanish, who tags along for the ride, much to the annoyance of Juan – the leader of the group. This is a touching tale of hardship, friendship, loyalty and the simple desire for a better life.

Writer/Director Diego Quemada-Diez tells FRED about his motivation to make such a challenging movie with over 120 locations and using non-professional actors in the role, in this, his first feature. And watch out for part two of this interview coming soon to FRED Film Radio.

Film Page on Film Festival Website.

Reporter: Amanny Mohamed.

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