Berlinale Talents

Berlinale Talents 2021

250 emerging talents from all over the world.

FRED Film Radio will be collecting the interviews of Berlinale Talents in its 2021 edition, that will be held in Berlin from 1st to 5th March 2021.

“There is never a wrong time to dream on. And also in its 19th edition, Berlinale Talents dreams big, regardless of current circumstances. Our platform continues to offer a unique habitat for international networking, talent and project development. 200 of the world’s most promising film professionals meet on an equal footing with seasoned filmmakers, industry experts and artists to carve out new visions for their future and quash the rise of nightmarish realities.

Berlinale Talents has always turned to its Talents for inspiration, never more so than now: the resilience so many of you have shown in the last couple of months is matched only by your desire to continue creating and to inspire dreams in audiences around the world, never compromising when it comes to the love of your craft and the stories you want to tell. There is therefore much to be optimistic about, much to learn, and much to share. We have no doubt your brilliance will lead us to even sweeter dreams.”

Christine Tröstrum & Florian Weghorn
Heads of Berlinale Talents 2021

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