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Luca Hedges, Noah Jupe & Alma Har’el – Honey Boy #LFF2019

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Bringing Shia LeBeouf’s life childhood to the big screen.

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5 min. and 8 sec.

PODCAST | Steve Hargrave interviews on the red carpet of the BFI London Film Festival Luca Hedges, Noah Jupe & Alma Har’el, actors and director of the film Honey Boy.

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The stars and director of Shai LeBeaouf’s personal new film Honey Boy talk to Fred about working with the actor on his self-written story of his own childhood. Shia plays his own father in the movie about his upbringing as a childhood star and his tempestuous relationship with his Dad. Both Luca and Noah play versions of Shia himself at different ages.

Honey Boy: Alma Har’el has been a filmmaker to get excited about ever since feverish regard for her stunning debut Bombay Beach spread like a wildfire through 2011. Here, she collaborates to impressive effect for her first dramatic feature with gifted writer and actor Shia LaBeouf. Together they deliver a potent and darkly beautiful story about a child actor with an unconventional and brutalising past. Lucas Hedges plays Otis, who makes a living starring in action films. He’s an alcoholic with a penchant for fiercely self-destructive behaviour. But when an accident forces him into rehab, he begins to examine his troubled past. We soon find ourselves in a sleazy motel with a young Otis (the breathtakingly good Noah Jupe), in the care of his unstable and often emotionally abusive father (an excellent LaBeouf, playing a version of his own real-life father). LaBeouf and Har’el have crafted a stunning, complex film, full of narrative and meta-narrative twists. ‘Write what you know’, is the screenwriting coach’s maxim, but few would have the courage to write with such bruising candour, nor the talent to do so with such grace and poignancy.

  • Reporter
    Steve Hargrave
  • Guest
    Luca Hedges, Noah Jupe & Alma Har'el
  • Interviewee role
    actors and director
  • Film title
    Honey Boy
  • Festival section
    Official Competition
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