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Europa Distribution panel: The Constant Gardeners #KVIFF2017

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112 min. and 12 sec.

What role for distributors in the new film industry ecosystem?

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112 min. and 12 sec.

Listen to the Europa Distribution panel: “The Constant Gardeners: What role for distributors in the new film industry ecosystem?” from the 52nd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

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The panel features:

Ben Johnson (Marketin Expert, GRUVI): “Winning your audiences! Marketing Movies in the Connectrd World.”

Mikolas Mschakis (Secretary General of FIAD): focuses on the Policy poit of view on Copyright, COO, Geo-blocking and AVMS.

Huw Jones (Post Doctoral Researcher, University of York): presents his research on the current state of play of independent distribution in Europe, based on his academic studies.

Liesbeth Sträter (Europa Distribution intern and Master student from University of Antwerp): presents the outcome of an internal survey conducted within the Europa Distribution association.

The panel is moderated by Michael Gubbins (SampoMedia and Chairman of Film Agency for Wales, UK) and a keynote speech will be given by member of European Parliament Bogdan Wenta.


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