Torino Film Festival

40th Torino Film Festival – Turin, Italy #TFF40

Italy’s number one metropolitan film festival.

FRED Film Radio is joining the 40th Torino Film Festival in Turin, Italy, from November 25th to 3rd December, 2022.

The 40th TFF will be a leaner festival. The program will include 4 competitive sections (the International Feature Film Competition, the International Documentary Competition, the Italian Documentary Competition, and the Italian Short Film Competition), an Out-of-Competition section dedicated to the most interesting productions of the ongoing year, and a few Special Programs.

One of the Special Programs, always in the spirit and tradition of the festival, will be a mini-retrospective dedicated to westerns. Six movies, chosen from a shortlist of twenty and directed by or starring cult filmmakers and movie stars, will be presented in the cinemas by cinephiles and scholars of the genre, including Francesco Ballo and Marco Giusti.

To properly celebrate the 40 years of the Torino Film Festival, the inaugural evening – surprising and pop, at the same time – will be held at the Teatro Regio and will be broadcast live.

The Director will be assisted by a new Selection Committee composed of Giulio Casadei, Antonello Catacchio, Massimo Causo, Grazia Paganelli, Giulio Sangiorgio, and Caterina Taricano. The Consultants for the Artistic Direction will be Luca Beatrice, Claudia Bedogni, David Grieco, Luigi Mascheroni, Paola Poli, Alena Shumakova, and Luciano Sovena.

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