Trieste Science+Fiction Festival

Trieste Science+Fiction Festival – Trieste, Italy #tsplusf

The most important science fiction and fantastic movie festival in Italy

FRED Film Radio is joining the 2022 edition of Trieste Science+Fiction Festival, which takes place in Trieste, Italy from the 1st to the 6th of November 2022.

Founded in Trieste in the year 2000, the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival has picked up the legacy of the Festival Internazionale del Film di Fantascienza, the first genre film festival in Italy and one of the first in Europe, which took place from 1963 to 1982 becoming the most important science fiction and fantastic movie festival in Italy.

Trieste Science+Fiction Festival is a multidisciplinary event devoted to the exploration of the realms of the ‘fantastic’ genre, and the use of new technologies and experimental languages in film, television and visual arts. The main purpose of Trieste Science+Fiction Festival is to present and promote internationally ‘fantastic’ productions from all over the world, focusing particularly on science fiction and fantasy cinematographic and audio-visual works.

The festival director is Alan Jones, a pioneer in genre film criticism and also an indemand broadcaster and best-selling author.

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