WICIP Podcast

WICIP – Women Italian Cinema an Inclusive Project

The first international project aimed at promoting Italian cinema written, produced, and directed by women, which is also available in an accessible version.

FRED Film Radio is joining the first WICIP in-person event on 25 June at the Garden Cinema in Covent Garden, London.

WICIP, the first project for the international promotion of Italian cinema written, produced and directed by women. It includes the presentation of five films that are also available in an accessible version for the deaf and the visually impaired. The chosen titles – Being my Mom by Jasmine Trinca, Corpo a corpo by Maria Iovine, Faith by Valentina Pedicini, La ragazza ha volato by Wilma Labate, Le sorelle Macaluso by Emma Dante – will travel across the continents, taking our women’s cinema around the world.

Selected among the Special Projects of the Ministry of Culture, WICIP has been conceived by Angela Prudenzi and Federico Spoletti and is produced by L’Age d’Or in collaboration with Sub-ti Access.