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28 min. and 21 sec.

A conversation with… Natalie Dormer.

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28 min. and 21 sec.

PODCAST | A conversation with Natalie Dormer at 2018 Zurich Film Festival.

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A former resident of Kings Landing visits ZFF – Margaery Tyrell from Game Of Thrones. Natalie Dormer talks about her latest project, the mini-series Picnic At Hanging Rock, before presenting the first episode.

Picnic At Hanging Rock: Australia, 1894: The wealthy and mysterious widow Hester Appleyard buys a house on a secluded estate. A few years later, she has turned the big old building into a girls’ school, where she reigns over obedience and decency as its headmistress. Whispers and squabbles only live on behind closed doors. On Valentine’s Day, the young women go on a picnic trip close to the so-called Hanging Rock, in a picturesque forest environment. When suddenly inexplicable things begin to occur… GAME OF THRONES actress Natalie Dormer shines in the role of the inscrutable headmistress. Based on the novel by Joan Lindsay, ZFF is screening the first episode of this gloomy and mysterious 6-part miniseries.

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    Natalie Dormer
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    Picnic At Hanging Rock
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    A conversation with...
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