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The act of releasing: How to bring documentaries to theatres successfully #IDFA2018

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Documentaries and their theatrical distribution.

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87 min. and 48 sec.

Listen to the Europa Distribution panel The act of releasing: How to bring documentaries to theatres successfully from the 2018 International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam.

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Landing for the first time at the IDFA, Europa Distribution on November 19th made full house organizing – in partnership with the Festival’s Industry Talk programme – a public panel dedicated to the potential of documentaries when it comes to theatrical release. The panel of experts involved to explore the theme included independent distributors members of the Europa Distribution network Katerina Dvorakova (Aerofilms, CZ), Greta Akcijonaite (Greta Garbo, LT) and Huub Roelvink (Cherry Pickers, NL); the US distributor Daniel Braun (Submarine, US), and Cecilie Bolvinkel (DK) representing the European associations EDN and Moving Docs.  The discussion was moderated by the digital marketing expert Mathias Noschis (Alphapanda, DE), who guided the panel trying to find some common trends in the different success stories presented. Is there an “X factor” that makes a documentary especially suitable for theatrical distribution?

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    Katerina Dvorakova, Greta Akcijonaite, Huub Roelvink, Daniel Braun, Cecilie Bolvinkel, Mathias Noschis
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