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PODCAST | EUROVOD Conference: “DIVERSE, INDEPENDENT AND SUSTAINABLE: BUILDING EUROPEAN VOD, organised at Venice Production Bridge, during the 77th edition of Venice International Film Festival, hosted by EUROVOD and co-organised with the Venice Production Bridge.

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Introduction by: Silvia Cibien (EUROVOD), Pascal Diot (Venice Production Bridge), Michael Gubbins (Sampo Media)

EUROVOD report on VOD services: EuroVoD is the association of European voD Platforms, grouping nowadays around 30 members from 18 European countries. With an average of 78% of European content in the aggregrated catalogue, the association presents in this session its first report, underlining the shape and challenges of European VoD platforms and the impact of Covid on business models. The session will also be the occasion of presenting the new online professional platform, an online market and networking place dedicated to the Video on Demand sector. Presented by: Michael Gubbins (Sampo Media), Agustina Lumi (EuroVoD)

VOD Market trends & analytics: The VOD ecosystem is still rapidly evolving worldwide with fresh challenges and opportunities emerging. The session will provide essential context for the discussions and debates of the next three days. It will offer new, emerging and more established services and platforms a view of where their work might fit into new realities. The session will be a chance to ask questions and share experiences. Presented by: Guy Bisson (Ampere Analysis)

Demand creation: how to engage a changing audience: The European film industry is coming to terms with a rapidly evolving environment with new technologies, changing patterns of audience behavior disrupting established business. The Covid crisis has accentuated and accelerated changing patterns of audience demand for European film. Months of lockdown has increased interest in on-demand viewing and we need to learn lessons about how European talent and business can build on those changes. Lockdown proved the value of cooperation between on demand services and cinemas and festivals. That combination of online and physical opens up tremendous potential for European film and for cultural diversity. This session will focus on how to build collaboration and cooperation in a new digital framework on the interests of film, audience and business. It will look at emerging models and best practices and how they can be best implemented. Moderated by: Michael Gubbins (Sampo Media)

Guest Speakers: Gianluca Guzzo (MYMOVIES), Katharina Jeschke (IMZ), Jaume Ripoll (FILMIN), Weerada Sucharitkul (FILMDOO)

To discover more about the 2020 edition of Venice Production Bridge, click here.

  • Guest
    Silvia Cibien, Pascal Diot, Michael Gubbins, Agustina Lumi, Guy Bisson, Gianluca Guzzo, Katharina Jeschke, Jaume Ripoll, Weerada Sucharitkul
  • Interviewee role
    EUROVOD, Head of Venice Production Bridge, Sampo Media, EuroVoD, Ampere Analysis, MYMOVIES, IMZ, FILMIN, FILMDOO
  • Festival section
    Venice Production Bridge
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