2019 Wake Up Europe! Festival #Wue19

The first festival to create a European consciousness.

FRED Film Radio is the media partner of the 2019 Wake Up Europe! Festival, which will take place in Turin from 15th to 19th May 2019.

Turin will host the first edition of Wake Up Europe! Festival, an international event entirely dedicated to the great challenges of our time, to reflect with the help of great documentary films on the questions those challenges raise and how the European Union and Europeans as a whole could and should respond to them.

The programme presents a “selection for reflection” at the Cinema Massimo, being 10 excellent documentaries, 5 presented for the first time in Italy, all chosen for their ability to inspire a debate on the fundamental issues of our common European space. They address challenges such as climate change, the dangers of ubiquitous technology, capitalism without rules, the crisis of democracy, gender equality, war at the gates of Europe, religious fundamentalisms, migratory phenomena and integration policies. The biggest priority in our selection has been to present ten films with a very high quality. So in the Wake Up Europe programme you will see films with amazing stories, meet charismatic characters and see great visual journeys.

Titles touching upon these themes include Guardians of the Earth, bringing a unique “behind the scenes” approach to the negotiations of the Paris agreement and forces behind the climate change and the obstacles to improve our climate. Inside Lehman Brothers brings a chilling inside view of our financial systems and the prospect of a new financial crisis. Pre-Crime takes a deep dive into the impact of modern technology in a science-fiction-like setting, which happens to be real life.

Finally, the ten films screening at Wake Up Europe! also cover the unbelievable results of Europeans uniting through citizen empowerment. Films like The Silence of Others, The Reformist and The Law and the Valley follow European citizens taking matters into their own hands in order to create positive change and shape a better future.

For more information, go to https://wakeupeurope.eu/

Bill Emmott #Wue19
Eric Jozsef #Wue19
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