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Far East Film Festival
Matsunaga Daishi – Egoist #FarEastFilmFestival

Yasashisa 優しさ, kindness. With this word the actress Sawako Agawa — who plays the role of Nakamura Taeko in the film — defines the sweet and at times bitter film by Matsunaga Daishi, one of the most awaited films of the twenty-fifth edition of the FEFF.

Far East Film Festival
Hiroki Ryuchi – Phases of the Moon #Fareastfilmfestival

The belief in reincarnation is widespread in Southeast Asia but less so in the Western world. As a result, Phases of the Moon, a multi-layered drama by Hiroki Ryuichi where reincarnation is the main theme, might face challenges in overcoming certain cultural and religious barriers.

Far East Film Festival
Watanabe Hirobumi, Watanabe Yuji – Techno Brothers #FarEastFilmFestival

For the eighth film, the musical comedy Techno Brothers, Watanabe finally leaves Otawara venturing on a wider road – or rather the highway to Tokyo, where the title group, formed by Watanabe, his brother Watanabe Yuji and his friend Kurosaki Takanori, goes in search of fame and success.

Far East Film Festival
Suzuki Masayuki, Wakamatsu Hiroki, Koyama Kundo – Yudo – The Way of the Bath #FarEastFilmFestival

Based on an original screenplay by Koyama Kundo, who also has an Oscar-winning film to his credit such as Departures, the story of Yudo reserves us the pleasure of visually lingering on the movie’s sento, a pearl of the architecture of the public baths of the era Showa (1926-1989).

Lucca Comics & Games
谷口 悟朗, 佐藤雅将, 柴田 秀勝  – One Piece Film Red #LuccaCG23


Venice FF - Giornate degli Autori
Huang Ji, Ryuji Otsuka – Stonewalling #Giornate2022

A film about about a country with traditions and contradictions, maternity and freedom of choice.

Venice FF
Kōji Fukada, Fumino Kimura – Love life #Venezia79

Communication as a way to face heartache.

Rome Alice nella Città
Mamoru Hosoda – Belle #AlicenellaCittà

The beauty, the beast and virtual worlds.

Venice FF
Masaaki Yuasa – Inu-oh #Venezia78

A story of friendship and the magic of the Noh theatre.

Roma FF
Hirokazu Kore-Eda #RomeFF14

Hirokazu Kore-Eda – Retrospective at the 14th Rome Film Fest.

Venice FF - Giornate degli Autori
Joe Odagiri, Akira Emoto – They Say Nothing Stays the Same #Venezia76

Director and actor of the film Aru Sendo No Hanashi talk with us about their new feature film.

International Film Festival & Awards - Macao
Hiroshi Okuyama – Jesus #IFFAM2018

A little kid meets a little Jesus.

Turin FF
Daihachi Yoshida – Kami No Tsuki (Pale Moon) #TFF32

Banks are cold , and money does not give you freedom.

FRED Channel 14 - Japanese
Rinko Kikuchi – Last Summer #RomaFF9
British Film Institute London FF
Tetsuya Nakashima – Kawaki (The World of Kanako) #LFF
2014 26 Udine Far East FF
Fujita Yosuke – Fuku-chan of Fukufuku Flats
2014 44 Venice FF
Shinya Tsukamoto, Nobi (Fires on the plain) #Venezia71
2014 26 Udine Far East FF
Yamamoto Masashi, Goto Yumi, Shibata Chihiro, Niikura Kenta, Ueda Yuki, Matsushita Sadaharu – Be My Baby
2013 73 Tokyo International FF
榊 英雄 – 捨てがたき人々 #TIFF
2013 83 Turin Film Festival
Junichi Inoue – A Woman and War #TFF31