2013 49 New Horizons FF

Leszek Wosiewicz – Był sobie dzieciak

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Leszek Wosiewicz, Director, Był sobie dzieciak.

Festival Section: Panorama.

Warsaw remains in suspended animation as WWII is about to end, the city is dramatically struggling for freedom and rise from the ashes, but the Nazis continue to repulse advancing forces. People cower in the ruins convinced the nightmare will soon end. Marek, a young man, has known only this kind of life, even though he is at an age where he should begin enjoying it fully – trapped between his teens and adulthood. His first mature act comes unexpectedly, when he saves the life of a German woman he had never before seen. Their lives will be forever joined through an endless trial of their love, devotion, loyalty and patriotism, even in a city crushed by chaos where war cuts all ties.



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Reporter: Anna Tatarska.


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