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Big FRED Tuesday – Weekly Show – 6th April 2021

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The Weekly Show with Matt Micucci by FRED Film Radio!

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PODCAST | Welcome to FRED Film Radio’s new weekly show, Big FRED Tuesday – your weekly round-up of all things related to cinema, featuring news from the world of film and interviews with various international guests.

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In this special 2021 Vilnius International Film Festival episode of the Big FRED Tuesday, we talk with:

– Fradique, director of Air Conditioner;

– Saule Bliuvaite, director of Limousine;

– Dani Rosenberg, director of The Death of the Cinema and My Father Too.

Also in this episode: the influential Dogme 95 movement; archive interviews with Christos Nikou and Carlos Alfonso Corral; and our #PopcornClassic film of the week, 1930’s I Flunked, But… — is it the first Yasijiro Ozu masterpiece?

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