Big FRED Venice – Day 2 – September 3, 2020 #Venezia77

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13 min. and 55 sec.

A daily report from the Venezia 77, with host Matt Micucci and FRED correspondent David Martos.

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13 min. and 55 sec.

PODCAST | Daily news and updates from the 77th Venice Film Festival, with Matt Micucci and David Martos.

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Live from the 77th Venice Film Festival, it’s Big FRED Venice! A daily journal from the world’s first major international film festival to hold a physical edition since the coronavirus outbreak. In this episode, host Matt Micucci is joined by FRED correspondent David Martos to talk about some of the films presented today, including Pedro Almodóvar’s The Human Voice and the Orizzonti section’s Iranian film, The Wasteland. We also talk more about the atmosphere of the festival, whether it’s ideologically problematic for war films to be entertaining and how we would respond if there was a zombie apocalypse on the Lido this year.

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    Matt Micucci, David Martos
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