Big FRED Venice – Day 4 – September 5, 2020 #Venezia77

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A daily report from the Venezia 77, with host Matt Micucci.

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PODCAST | Daily news and updates from the 77th Venice Film Festival, with Matt Micucci.

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Live from the 77th Venice Film Festival, it’s Big FRED Venice! A daily journal from the world’s first major international film festival to hold a physical edition since the coronavirus outbreak. In this episode, host Matt Micucci is joined by FRED correspondent David Martos to talk about some of the films that have been presented at the Lido, including Abel Ferrara’s new film Sportin’ Life, Kaouther Ben Hania’s The Man Who Sold His Skin and Kornél Mundruczó’s Pieces of a Woman, among others. This is David’s last appearance on Big FRED Venice before his departure from the Lido, so he also offers his impressions of this historic edition of the festival and its atmosphere.

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