Torino Film Festival

36th Torino Film Festival – Turin, Italy #TFF36

Italy’s number one metropolitan film festival.

FRED Film Radio is joining the 36th Torino Film Festival in Turin, Italy, on November 23 -December 1, 2018.

The Torino Film Festival is organized by the National Cinema Museum. Its principal subsidies are provided by the Piedmont Region, the City of Torino and the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities. Additional financing is provided by other foundations, associations and private sponsors.

The Torino Film Festival’s purpose is to constitute a meeting point for contemporary international cinema and to provide the opportunity for a discussion on all its perspectives and artistic trends. The Festival pays particular attention to emerging cinemas and young filmmakers. In its competitive sections, it promotes awareness of films by new directors whose works are characterized by strong formal and stylistic research.

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Jacopo Chessa #TFF36
Lucius Barre #TFF36
Col Needham #TFF36
John Butler – Papi Chulo #TFF36
Ewa Bukowska – 53 Wars #TFF36