Brussels International Film Festival

Brussels International Film Festival #BRIFF2019

From the 20th to the 29th of June 2019, the second Brussels International Film Festival will transform the capital of Belgium into a real “Cine Città”.

FRED Film Radio will be collecting the interviews of Brussels International Film Festival in its 2019 edition, that will be held in Brussels from 20th to 29th June 2019. 

From 20 to 29 June, Brussels welcomes the BRIFF and the very eclectic world of cinema. By welcoming Emilie Dequenne and Bouli Lanners, it pays tribute to two immeasurable talents of Belgian cinema. By inviting “The Artist” Michel Hazanavicius, it proves that Europe is doing well. Very well, actually. And, it is recognized around the globe for its audacity and its creativity, as illustrated by the selection of films of the Directors’ Week. By proposing an international competition, it creates a borderless section and, at the same time, offers the most famous Lieutenant of New York Abel Ferrara, the opportunity to present a retrospective of his work. It is a wonderful platform for this important representative of disruptive American filmmaking. Also other artists, filmmakers, actresses and actors are given a carte blanche during the festival. For ten days, the BRIFF shows the unique and bustling atmosphere of the city in the Brussels theaters!

Three levels of competitions, outdoor screenings, master classes, retrospectives, ceremonies and specific focuses…The second Brussels International Film Festival will take over the heart of the city. Transformed for the duration into a real “Cine Città” Brussels will lovingly focus on the cinema and welcome its legendary stars as well as its up and coming talents to try to better understand them, to better support them and to share with them this unquenchable passion for movies.

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