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Loup Bureau – Trenches #Venezia78

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The fascinating absurdity of trench life (and death).

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4 min. and 23 sec.

PODCAST | Nicolò Comotti interviews Loup Bureau, director of the film Trenches.

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Loup Bureau joins us at our Venice studios to talk about his latest documentary Trenches, for which he spent months on the ground documenting Ukrainian soldiers fighting Russian-backed separatists, capturing life and the ever looming presence of death.

Trenches: In Donbas Ukraine, while precarious truces and ceasefires are negotiated far away by diplomats, Ukrainian soldiers fight against separatists supported by Russia. At an age when some are experiencing the best years of their lives, in the frontline men and women are fighting, condemned to dig and dig up again the trenches, while bombs keep on falling on them. Loup Bureau takes us on an immersive and stunning cinematic journey revealing the naked truth and roughness of survival, in what is called to be the last conflict on European soil.

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    Nicolò Comotti
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    Loup Bureau
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