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Marie Pons – Ocean’s Memories

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An exploration of the elements and the human body. A film that takes dance out of its customary setting!

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10 min. and 56 sec.

PODCAST | Melita Cameron-Wood interviews Marie Pons, dance film producer at All We Can Do Is Dance and dance critic.

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Marie Pons works as a short dance film producer and dance critic. She is passionate about improvised dance and the way in which the camera can be used in an equally improvisatory fashion to capture this unique form of movement. She explains how short dance films are a relatively new form and her excitement at the room for experimentation and innovation that they provide. We met at Lago Film Fest, where her recent film Ocean’s Memories (directed by Bertrand Guerry and Thibault Ras) was screened as part of the Moving Bodies section of Lago Film Festival. Marie Pons is interested in collaborating with local dancers in European towns and cities in order to create a selection of European dance films that incorporate improvised dances and unique locations. This project is always looking for people who might be interested in working together with the team and Marie encourages people to get in touch if they feel there is some common interest. Ocean’s Memories is an exploration of four dancers’ interactions with the outside world. As the name suggests, the beach and the ocean provide a scenic backdrop for the dancers’ movements. The ocean tide comes back and forth, just like memories are written and then gone with time. The imprint of our memories is outlined and then fades away inexorably. Ocean’s memories unfolds as an encounter between a dancer and a musician, musing along on a deserted beach. In the cold light, in the wind, by the water and the golden sand, the elements mix to accompany their vivid choreography. As the dancers and the landscape carry us away we are swept into the swirl of moving bodies and moving images, leaving us in anticipation of what the world of dance films will bring us.

Ocean’s Memories: four dancers emerge on a beach. The movements of nature and the human body combine in wondrous harmony. A physical exploration of love, loss and the power of the elements takes us on an unexpected journey.

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  • Reporter
    Melita Cameron-Wood
  • Guest
    Marie Pons
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Ocean's Memories / All We Can Do Is Dance
  • Festival section
    Moving Bodies
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