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The past, the present and the future of VOD services around the world #Cannes2015

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5 min. and 12 sec.

In this extract representatives from Eurovod, Filmdoo, and OnlineColombia share their different strategies to compete with “the Big 5” within the digital and video-on-demand markets all over Europe and the world.

Exclusive and quality content, local films, independent or international productions and ad hoc strategies seem to be some key elements to successfully compete against giants on the VOD sector such as Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, XBox and PlayStation. Dragoslav Zachariev, William Page, Sébastian Janin and Giuliano Cavalli, from Eurovod, Filmdoo, and OnlineColombia, drew a landscape of the digital on-demand market in Europe and the rest of the world and answered to the questions from the film professionals who gathered at the K Hall at the Palais des Festivals for almost two hours.

  • Reporter
    Gonzalo Suarez
  • Guest
    Dragoslav Zachariev, William Page, Sébastian Janin, Giuliano Cavalli
  • Interviewee role
    Eurovod, Filmdoo,, OnlineColombia
  • Festival section
    Cannes Film Market's NEXT
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