About FRED

FRED pr. \frəd\ 

FRED is the radio for anyone who is passionate about cinema.

FRED (acronym for Film Radio Entertainment & Dialogue) is a multi-channel internet radio station targeted at all those who love independent cinema and gravitate around the world of film festivals: filmmakers, film critics, journalists specializing in cinema, film students, festival organizers and film industry workers (producers, distributors, sales agents, etc), and simply film buffs who want to know more about independent cinema.

FRED wants to convey “the festival experience”. The idea of FRED is to allow all those who cannot be at film festivals to share in the experience as if they were, and to offer more in-depth information and targeted entertainment to those actually there.

This is why FRED’s tagline is the “The Festival Insider”.

We provide news on film premieres, the response of critics and audiences to films and information on films’ production and distribution.

We also supply information connected to productions and co-productions and the advantages of shooting in certain areas, as well as interviews with film festival directors and other key players in the film industry, and interviews with film directors, actors and critics.

Every now and then we broadcast live from film festivals.

All programs and news focus on a single theme, i.e. the world of cinema, film festivals all over the globe and independent cinema.

Any news provided is strictly connected to cinema, and at any given time content will address the film festivals going on at that time, as well as upcoming festivals (there are approximately 2,000 film festivals per year all over the world).

We have 29 channels: 25 language channels plus 4 thematic channels: FRED Education, FRED Entertainment, FRED Extra and FRED Industry.
(For further info please go to the specific page.)

We also have a minority language channel: FRED Sardu in Sardinian language.

However, it is our intention to have many more channels in different languages over time. All our channels – except the 4 specific theme channels – share the same kind of programming.

FRED is centrally managed by seasoned radio professionals, guaranteeing that the highest standards are respected.

We also keep expanding our network of young correspondents attending festivals all over the world. This adds freshness and punch to the rest of our high-quality programming.

Our expert staff train young correspondents to produce content and broadcast professionally from locations all over the world, using state-of-the art technology.

You can tune into FRED online, on FRED.FM, or download the App to your iPhone or Android smartphone. FRED is also available through TuneIn and Reciva.

All contents are available as podcasts in the website and on iTunes Podcast.