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Adrian Goiginger – The Best of All Worlds #RomaFF12

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Winner of the main award of the 2017 Alice nella Cittá.

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11 min. and 54 sec.

PODCAST: Chiara Nicoletti interviews Adrian Goiginger, director of The Best of All Worlds presented at the 12th Rome Film Fest.

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 Director Adrian Goiginger presented his film, The Best of All Worlds, in the Alice nella Cittá strand of the 12th Rome Film Fest in Italy. Before its Rome screening, The Best of All Worlds was successfully presented at this year’s Berlinale. Goiginger points out that the film aims to represent a special mother-son relationship rather than focus on drugs and addiction, even though its protagonist, Helga, can’t seem to be able to escape her heroin addiction no matter how hard she tries. The Best of All Worlds was awarded the top prize of the 2017 Alice nella Cittá: the Young Adult Prize.

The Best of All Worlds: Seven-year-old Adrian lives with his mother Helga and her partner Gunter in the outskirts of the city of Salzburg, hardly an idyllic location. The imaginative boy is aware of his mother’s love. He wants to become  an  adventurer.  He does not realize that Helga, Gunter and their friends, who are in the apartment almost every day, with the light blocked out by bedsheets hung over the windows, or throwing wild parties at the River Salzach are heroin addicts, and high even in his presence. Time and  again Helga manages to maintain a balance between her world of caring for her son and her addiction, thus giving him a happy childhood –simply the Best of All Worlds.


  • Reporter
    Chiara Nicoletti
  • Guest
    Adrian Goiginger
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    The Best of All Worlds
  • Festival section
    Alice nella Cittá
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