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Aleksandr M. Vinogradov – Bare

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The link between observation and voyeurism.

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PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews Aleksandr M. Vinogradov, director of the film Bare

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A conversation with Aleksandr M. Vinogradov, director of Bare, which documents a troupe of naked male dancers working on a piece by acclaimed Belgian choreographer Thierry Smits. In this interview, Vinogradov tells us a bit about the birth of his interest in documentary filmmaking. He also talks about his interest in dance, his views on nakedness, the link between observation and voyeurism and more.

Bare: Eleven naked men audition, rehearse and perform for the premiere of master Belgian choreographer Thierry Smits’s new contemporary dance piece Anima Ardens. Mixing intimate rehearsal footage with extensive and breathtaking dance sequences, Bare follows the choreographer and his team as they work to explore difficult, often taboo subjects through nudity and dance. In this bold exploration of artistic conflict, gender, and sexuality the one constant is the conceit that the body is the last bastion of personal freedom.

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    Matt Micucci
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    Aleksandr M. Vinogradov
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