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Andrew Neel, director of “Goat” #Berlinale2016

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Andrew Neel: “I wanted to make my own version of Lord of the Flies”

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PODCAST: FRED’s Chiara Nicoletti interviews Andrew Neel, director of Goat from the panorama section of the 66th Berlinale.

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Co-written by Andrew Neel, David Gordon Green and Mike Roberts and based on the acclaimed memoirs by Brad Land, Goat provides a searing portrayal of masculinity, violence and brotherhood. Christine Vachon and David Hinojosa of Killer Films were the ones who suggested Neel should direct Goat, which they were planning to produce, as they were working together on a different project.

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GOAT: Reeling from a terrifying assault, a 19 year-old boy enrolls into college with his brother and pledges the same fraternity. What happens there, in the name of “brotherhood” tests the boy and his loyalty to his brother in brutal ways.

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    Chiara Nicoletti
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    Andrew Neel
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