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Anna Thommen, Lorenz Nufer – Volunteer #ZFF2019

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The need to help, the need to feel human.

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PODCAST | Nicolò Comotti interviews Anna Thommen and Lorenz Nufer, directors of the film Volunteer.

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How does one deal with the tension between experiencing such suffering and the deceptive peace back home? Volunteer portrays a very personal view of different people who have dared to leave their comfort zone in Switzerland, and explores what happens when they are confronted with and try to help people in need.

Volunteer: A frequent topic of discussion, the humanitarian tradition of Switzerland frequently degenerates into hollow phrases. But there are a few people here and there who prove it to have actual substance. One example is Michael Räber, who, following the fall out over the wave of refugees across the Mediterranean, founded a relief project and set out with a few colleagues to the “migration front” in Greece. Together, the volunteers assumed responsibility when nobody else wanted to. What they experienced on the beach and in the camps changed their lives forever.

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    Nicolò Comotti
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    Anna Thommen and Lorenz Nufer
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