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Shaping the character of a festival, screening after screening.

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12 min. and 22 sec.

PODCAST | Nicolò Comotti interviews Anthelme Vidaud, program director at the 10th Odessa International Film Festival.

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Anthelme Vidaud is the program director of the Odessa Film Festival. Reaching its 10th year of existence and with an identity that is becoming more and more apparent, OIFF has been a wonderful platform for Vidaud to shares his views on cinema while serving as a vessel for Ukraine’s cinematic growth.

OIFF CONCEPT Support and development of Ukrainian cinematography inside the country and on international stage, popularization of high-level intellectual films. Main professional platform that gathers Ukrainian and foreign filmmakers. Exclusive film premieres, workshops of leading world filmmakers and unique festive atmosphere – all of this bring together 9 days of Odesa International Film Festival! The 10th Odesa International Film Festival will be held from 12 to 20 July, 2019!

  • Reporter
    Nicolò Comotti
  • Guest
    Anthelme Vidaud
  • Interviewee role
    Program Director
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