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Ben Asamoah – Sakawa #ZFF2019

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Scams, fear and dreams: all is interconnected.

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8 min. and 12 sec.

PODCAST | Nicolò Comotti interviews Ben Asamoah, director of the film Sakawa.

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Ben Asamoah tells FRED Film Radio about the incredible story behind his film Sakawa, a powerful documentary that shows the reality behind Ghanaian internet scams and yet goes well beyond these preconditions by telling a story of people trying to have a respectable life for themselves and their dear ones, while linking the other side of the world that may be wealthy but is deprived of love and compassion.

Sakawa: Their workplace is a shabby living room. Western electronic waste found at dumping sites in Ghana as well as the naivety of desperate singles in Europe and America are their resources. For these young Internet fraudsters portrayed in Sakawa, it is easy to access data and images left on negligently disposed smartphones and hard disks. They use fake profiles to search for “clients” and, with a few seductive tricks and a little bit of voodoo magic they tease money from their pockets – nonetheless they remain unwealthy. Belgian-Ghanaian director Ben Asamoah offers access to a world otherwise hidden behind the subject lines of countless unopened spam emails. Without judgment, Asamoah follows the unusual and questionable work routine of young Ghanaians who have nothing to lose. An amusing yet deeply sobering insight into the absurdity of global injustice.

  • Reporter
    Nicolò Comotti
  • Guest
    Ben Asamoah
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    International Documentary Film
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