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Bruce Hensel – Beyond the Opposite Sex #LFF18

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13 years after the film The Opposite Sex, Renié and Jamie reveal their lives and where they are at. Time is the greatest healer.

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15 min. and 14 sec.

PODCAST| Angelo Acerbi interviews Bruce Hensel, executive producer, codirector and producer of the film Beyond the Opposite Sex.

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Bruce Hensel tells us about the work he did with the director Emily Apt to give us an update in the lives of the heroes of their previous documentary. A documentary sequel is not that usual but here Bruce explains why it was needed and how the collaboration from the two main characters and their family made it possible. Even if the ending of this storytelling was not predictable and foreseen.

Beyond the Opposite Sex: In 2004 the documentary The Opposite Sex was released and was the story of the process of transition which Renie and Jamie were preparing to face. Renie, a butch woman who loves sport and rodeos, is preparing to become a man; Jamie, an aspiring country singer, wants to become a woman. It was a long road of barriers, made even more arduous and painful by ostracism and by the lack of tolerance in people around them. This has scarred the two main characters’ lives in a deep and permanent way. Fourteen years later, how have their lives changed? Did they achieve their goal, the goal of happiness and acceptance, which they had set themselves and had tenaciously pursued for such a long time? These are questions that lead us to wider doubts and that involve everyone. One in particular is: in the end has the time come to allow everybody who wishes to follow the same path? Because as Jamie states, “Transition is what we undergo, not what we are.”

  • Reporter
    Angelo Acerbi
  • Guest
    Bruce Hensel
  • Interviewee role
    Executive producer, co-director, producer
  • Film title
    Beyond the Opposite Sex
  • Festival section
    Documentary Competition
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