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Christine Franz – Bunch of Kunst #TDF20

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Up the Punx, tied up in Nottz.

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PODCAST| Nicolò Comotti interviews Christine Franz, director of the film Bunch of Kunst.

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We were lucky to have Christine Franz taking the journalist hat off for a couple of years to then embark on the journey of making Bunch of Kunst: a Film about Sleaford Mods. Franz immersed herself in the world of the one of a kind band hailing from Nottingham, that, gig after gig, beer after beer took the music scene by its throat and shook things up for many. The result is a riotous doc that restores faith in many music and film lovers, while depicting an intimate and complex portrait of 3 middle-aged men, who found success only after embracing their defeat. Long live Sleaford Mods.

Bunch of Kunst: “Young people are signing major record deals and they just sing about love. I’m a great believer of love. But for fuck’s sake, there’s a lot going on. Who wants to hear that if you are on £15 a week? And you turn the telly on and some fucker is spouting on about love”, says singer Jason Williamson. Thanks to their sweary rants about modern England, Nottingham duo Sleaford Mods have been called “The Voice of Britain” by their fans, “Britain’s angriest band” by the Guardian and “The world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band” by Iggy Pop. Jason Williamson, a former chicken factory worker, benefits adviser and father of two, his band mate, beatmaker Andrew Fearn, and their manager Steve Underwood, avant-garde bedroom label owner and former bus driver, have won over fans with their brutally honest lyrics and DIY ethos. Christine Franz’s official documentary feature, follows them on their two-year journey from Sherwood to chart success. Bunch of Kunst tells the story of three guys taking on the music business on their own terms.

To discover more about the film, click here.

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    Nicolò Comotti
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    Christine Franz
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    Bunch of Kunst
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