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Claire Forlani #FISF19

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The star of Basquiat and Meeting Joe Black reveals how she learned to never look back.

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10 min. and 26 sec.

PODCAST | Chiara Nicoletti interviews actress Claire Forlani.

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To stop thinking about the past and never look back, that’s the secret Claire Forlani shares with us during her stay at the Filming Italy Sardegna Festival, where she received the Filming Italy Award. The actress, while trying to recall the very moment in which she took a decision that inevitably change her life, confess how she learned not to look back at her past anymore to go on and be happy with what she has. Claire Forlani also comments on the changes and progresses Hollywood has made from the Time’s Up and MeToo movements with a positive attitude towards the future.

To discover more about the Filming Italy Sardegna Festival, click here.

  • Reporter
    Chiara Nicoletti
  • Guest
    Claire Forlani
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