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Costa Gavras – Adults in the Room #Venezia76

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A contemporary Greek tragedy – and the villain is all of Europe.

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8 min. and 58 sec.

PODCAST | Nicolò Comotti interviews Costa Gavras, director of the film Adults in the Room.

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We had the pleasure to welcome the acclaimed director Costa Gavras in our Venice studios to have a chance to talk and know more about his latest film Adults in the Room, an astonishing rendition of what really went down between austerity-riddled Greece and the European bureaucrat-bots. Brilliantly written and with a commendable cast, Adults in the Room sheds a light to a chapter of contemporary European history that should never be repeated…and yet nothing has changed so far.

Adults in the Room: Behind closed doors, a human tragedy plays out. A universal theme: a story of people trapped in an inhuman network of power. The brutal circle of the Eurogroup meetings, who impose on Greece the dictatorship of austerity, where humanity and compassion are utterly disregarded. A claustrophobic trap with no way out, exerting pressures on the protagonists which finally divide them. A tragedy in the Ancient Greek sense: the characters are not good or evil, but driven by the consequences of their own conception of what it is right to do. A tragedy for our very modern time.

  • Reporter
    Nicolò Comotti
  • Guest
    Costa Gavras
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Adults in the Room
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    Out of competition
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