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Daniel Dencik – Gold Coast #TFF33

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Denmark was a colonial country, as many European ones were. In 1836 and after one of the darker pages of the country’s history took place in Danish Guinea.

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Daniel Dencik – director – Gold Coast

Daniel Dencik crafts a visually beautiful and poignant film about one of the less known pages of Danish colonial history, with the help of the original letters of Frederick Wulff, Danish officer and botanist who was sent by the king to Guinea to follow the development of a coffe plantation on the Gold Coast. Based on these real words, the film develops an intense storyline with an attentive and precise aesthetics, that gives it an additional intriguing quality.

GOLD COAST: In 1836, the king of Denmark orders the botanist Wulff to set sail for the Gold Coast in equatorial Africa, where a Danish colonial camp is located. The mission’s goal is to establish a number of plantations there. What he leaves behind at home is the great love of his live; what awaits him is the unknown.

To Wulff, a scientist who looks at nature in a visionary way, it is the beginning of an adventure with unexpected and dramatic consequences, in which he will clash with the local populations, threatened by the slave trade, but also the conspiracies and the plotting that act in the shadow of power.

Gold Coast Trailer from Haslund / Dencik Entertainment on Vimeo.

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    Gold Coast
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