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Dean Francis – Drown #TGLFF30

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Violence, Bullying and homophobia in the Australian world of lifesavers

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Dean Francis – director – Drown

FRED’s Chiara Nicoletti meets Dean Francis, in Torino to participate with his new film Drown to the feature Film competition of the 30th Torino Gay & Lesbian film festival.

After the 2005 short film Boys Grammar, Dean Francis goes back to dealing with themes such as homophobia and bullying in this entertaining drama, set in the tanned and sexist world of Australian Lifeguards. When Len, the perfect lifeguard and surfing champion, is forced to face his own inability to accept his true self, he inevitably responds with violence, as this is the only element he has known his whole life.

DROWN: Gaywatch. Lifeguard Len is a surfing champion and a typical alpha male with a perfect body. His team worships him and considers him a god. But when the team hires wildly attractive and openly gay Phil, all of his certainties begin to crumble. The newcomer is soon liked and admired by everyone except Len, who is envious of him and seems to mistrust him because of his sexual orientation.

During the annual surf lifesaving competition, mistrust turns into contempt. Hate makes people monsters, especially those like Len, who refuse to admit that true strength is measured not by physical prowess, but by the ability to show one’s true self.

A brutal, lyrical and muscular film, an overview of manliness and male camaraderie, taken to the extreme. Despite its low budget, it is a spectacular film with fast-paced editing. Point Break meets Brotherhood.

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    Chiara Nicoletti
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    Dean Francis
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    Feature Film Competition
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