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Dietrich Bruggemann – Stations of the Cross #EIFF

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Dietrich Bruggemann – Director – Stations of the Cross

FRED meets with filmmaker Dietrich Brüggemann to talk about his latest work STATIONS OF THE CROSS, winner of the Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival and presented at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014.
The allegorical adventures of a young girl on the edge of adulthood.
The parents of 14-year-old Maria belong to a fundamentalist Catholic community and have raised her according to the tenets of their strict faith. At school, Maria must face the jeers of her secular classmates for trying to remain true to her religion, while at home she lives under the constant disapproval of her mother who demands ever-more painful self-abnegations from her. Filmed in 14 long takes corresponding to the 14 stations of the cross, this emotionally wrenching film is also a formal triumph.

Festival section: Focus on Germany

Reporter: Matt Micucci

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