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Duccio Chiarini – The Guest #CinemaMadeinItaly2019

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Italian director Duccio Chiarini on how events in his own life influenced his late coming-of-age dramedy, The Guest.

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15 min. and 53 sec.

PODCAST| Sarah Bradbury interviews Duccio Chiarini, director of the film The Guest.

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Italian director Duccio Chiarini speaks with us from the Cinema Made in Italy festival in London about his second feature film The Guest. He told us how events in his own life influenced the late coming-of-age story, how the film plays with comedy, drama and tragedy and also forms a vehicle for him to explore the challenges of forming lasting relationships in the modern era.

The Guest: “Wryly funny, nicely observed comedy of manners about a man who becomes the unwelcome lodger of a succession of family and friends” – Adrian Wootton, curator of Cinema Made in Italy, CEO of Film London and the British Film Commission. After getting a Special Mention at the 2014 Venice Film Festival for his debut film Short Skin, Duccio Chiarini returns with a promising dramedy, The Guest. Guido is a 38 years old academic forever preparing a book on Italo Calvino and forced to move out of his comfort zone when his girlfriend shares her doubts about the future of their relationship. Unable to be alone, he navigates from one sofa to the next and witnesses the everyday lives of his relatives and friends and their various romantic entanglements, desperately seeking the roots for new beginnings.

To discover more about the film, click here.


  • Reporter
    Sarah Bradbury
  • Guest
    Duccio Chiarini
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    The Guest
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