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Emília Vášáryová talks about her role in “Eva Nová” #Febiofest

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FRED meets the First Lady of Slovak Theatre and Film.

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PODCAST: FRED’s Matt Micucci interviews actress Emília Vášáryová talks about her role in Eva Nová from the 2015 Febiofest Prague International Film Festival.

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After meeting director Marko Skop at the Torino Film Festival last year, FRED catches up with the leading actress of Eva Nova, Emilia Vasaryova. Vasaryova’s over fifty year career has earned her the reputation as the First Lady of Slovak Theatre and Film.

In her latest turn in Skop’s film, she takes on one of her most difficult roles to date, in the form of the titular characters, an old washed up actress with a history of substance and alcohol abuse who tries to start life anew against all odds, including a near impossible reconciliation with her estranged son. A brave turn by Vasaryova, whose presence dominates the film, and as the camera looks upon her sometimes mercilessly, in the most physical moments.

We ask her about how her journey in the making of this film lasted, the different versions of the script that existed before the final one. We also ask her about the use of images, film posters and film stills from her own works, another element that shows her commitment not only to the character to the film. Vasaryova explains that she herself does not have a history of alcoholism, nor does her family, but the story of downfall is one that she has seen take place among other actors and actresses. This observation makes us reflect about the similarities between reality escapism in the form of acting, and in the form of alcoholism.

It is a real treat for FRED to be joined by Vasaryova, whose sunny personality can be heard all throughout the interview. “Life is tragicomic,” she observes. And Eva Nova is a feature that shows us just that.

EVA NOVA: After several previous attempts, Eva is leaving rehab once more, ready for the outside world and determined to stay sober. Above all, she hopes to gain the forgiveness of her family and especially her son, who banishes her with just a suitcase upon her return. Once a well-known actress, famous for her roles as well as her alcoholic escapades, Eva is starting from scratch. The subtle and authentically precise story about a family, alcoholism, and rediscovering one’s dignity is governed by attention to detail. The feature debut of Martin Skop, a documentary director, features excellent performances, especially by Emilia Vasaryova in the role of her life.

  • Reporter
    Matt Micucci
  • Guest
    Emília Vášáryová
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Eva Nova
  • Festival section
    New Europe Competition
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