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Eric Darnell – Crow: The Legend #Venezia75

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I was Mother Nature once: a conversation with Eric Darnell.

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11 min. and 26 sec.

PODCAST| Nicolò Comotti interviews Eric Darnell, director of the film Crow: The Legend.

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For the second consecutive year, Venice VR brings unites the Virtual Reality world at Lazzaretto Vecchio island. Among the many immersive experiences anyone can have, we had the chance to see, hear and live within the insightful story of Crow: The Legend. Crow: The Legend is based on a native American ancient tale that director Eric Darnell heard not long ago and yet instantly decided it was the perfect project to bring to (virtual) reality. With his team at Baobab, Darnell created Crow: a fun, gracefully crafted ride that can spearhead VR into new horizons.

Crow: The Legend is inspired by the origin of the crow, played by John Legend, who is a brilliantly plumbed bird who is nominated by his fellow animals to bring warmth back to a world stuck in an endless winter. His journey is rewarded and he carries the gift of fire back to his fellow animals in his beak however, in doing so he sacrifices what is most dear to him.

To know more about the film, click here.

  • Reporter
    Nicolò Comotti
  • Guest
    Eric Darnell
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Crow: The Legend
  • Festival section
    Venice VR
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