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Gerard Johnson, Cavan Clerkin – Muscle #LFF2019

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11 min. and 41 sec.

A testosterone fueld thriller on a man who gets more than he bargained for when he joins a local gym.

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11 min. and 41 sec.
  1. PODCAST | Angelo Acerbi interviews Gerard Johnson and Cavan Clerkin, director and actor of the film Muscle.

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Gerard Johnson is the director of Muscle, a thriller focused on the obsession for muscles, gyms and body transformation. With his lead actor Cavan Clerkin they analyse with Angelo Acerbi the effects of this gym obsession and the reason behind it, that lead to the creation of the film.

Muscle: Simon is stuck in a rut. Consistently failing to meet targets at work, and clinging onto the tail end of a failing marriage, his only happiness is a cheeky pint down the boozer. Determined to make some changes, Simon takes the plunge and joins a no-frills bodybuilding gym. No sooner is he fumbling with the weightlifting equipment than hulking man-mountain Terry approaches with the offer of being his personal trainer. As Simon’s physical transformation begins, his gym buddy slowly infiltrates himself into all parts of his life, forcing Simon to question what Terry’s motivations really are.

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  • Reporter
    Angelo Acerbi
  • Guest
    Gerard Johnson and Cavan Clerkin
  • Interviewee role
    Director and Actor
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