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Gerard Walsh – Release #FilmFleadh2017

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A story of redemption (and mixed martial arts) in contemporary Dublin

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PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews Gerard Walsh, director of the film Release.

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Director Gerard Walsh talks about his latest feature film, Release, which was presented at the 29th Galway Film Fleadh. In this interview, Walsh tells us about his interest in mixed martial arts and “redemption films,” and how they influenced the film. He also tells us that the style and story of Release were very much influenced by his earlier short film, Bound. Walsh also tells us about the journey of making the film and the various challenges he encountered along the way. “I like to have the pressure on,” he says.

Release: after spending several years locked up for armed robbery, disgraced boxer Andrew Keating is granted early release. As he struggles to find his purpose in life, he finds the sport of mixed martial arts and begins to thrive, but when his criminal past rears its ugly head, Andrew must face his demons in order to live his life.

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    Matt Micucci
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    Gerard Walsh
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