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Halina Reijn – Instinct #LFF2019

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Instinct: Halina Reijn gives a fresh and edgy voice to truthful female filmmaking.

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11 min. and 1 sec.

PODCAST | Steve Hargrave interviews Halina Reijn, director of the film Instinct.

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Director Halina Reijn presents her first feature at London Film Festival, the complex adult, sexual psychological drama Instinct starring her producing partner and Game Of Thrones star Carice van Houten. Halina discusses her journey to getting the film made, and her quest to give female voices a more nuanced and complex platform in film.

Instinct: Respected clinical psychologist Nicoline is at the top of her game. Promptly after starting a new job at a penal institution, she commences sessions with Idris, an inmate found guilty of multiple violent sex crimes. While her colleagues are confident that the disarmingly alluring convict is well on the road to rehabilitation, Nicoline remains unconvinced, passionately advocating that Idris be denied release. As the simmering tensions between the pair steadily escalate, Nicoline finds herself overpoweringly drawn to her subject, and soon the boundaries between doctor and patient begin to blur. Shot with cool, probing precision, director Halina Reijn’s stimulating examination of power and abuse features an impressively nuanced central performance from Carice van Houten. A film of bold intricacy that’s unafraid to pose challenging questions and venture into uncomfortable territory.

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    Steve Hargrave
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    Halina Reijn
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    First Feature Competition
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