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Jan Komasa – Corpus Christi #Venezia76

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The young, charismatic preacher with a secret.

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PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews Jan Komasa, director of the film Corpus Christi. 

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Director Jan Komasa talks about his film, Corpus Christi, presented in the Giornate degli Autori strand of the 2019 Venice International Film Festival. The director talks to us about the themes of religion and coming-of-age that are featured in the film. He tells us a little about the Bartosz Bielenia, the lead actor of the film, as the juvie-rebel-turned preacher by chance.

Corpus Christi is the story of 20-year-old Daniel, who experiences a spiritual transformation while living in a Youth Detention Center. He wants to become a priest but this is impossible because of his criminal record. When he is sent to work at a carpenter’s workshop in a small town, on arrival he dresses up as a priest and accidentally takes over the local parish. The arrival of the young, charismatic preacher is an opportunity for the local community to begin the healing process after a tragedy that happened there.

  • Reporter
    Matt Micucci
  • Guest
    Jan Komasa
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Corpus Christi
  • Festival section
    Giornate degli Autori
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