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Jeffery Deaver – Raymond Chandler Award #NoirFest

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This year’s recipient of Courmayeur Noir in Festival’s Raymond Chandler Award – Jeffery Deaver talks to Chiara Nicoletti about FEAR and how it changes with time and age. As announced during his meeting with the Noir Fest audience, Deaver remarks on the fact that he wouldn’t want to get involved in the scriptwriting process, not even when it would be working on the adaptation of his books to the big screen. When asked about what characteristics make a serial killer a remarkable one, Deaver reveals and introduces us to a difference between the Serial Killer and the Multiple offender. The film format is not something Jeffery Deaver is interested in contributing at but, when it comes to TV Series, his interest in writing, participating and seeing his books turned into a TV show, is alive and vivid. The author has presented to the italian audience his new book THE SKIN COLLECTOR.

  • Reporter
    Chiara Nicoletti
  • Guest
    Jeffery Deaver
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  • Festival section
    Chandler Award
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