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13 min. and 46 sec.

Kate Johnston (Co-director, co-screenwriter, co-producer), Shauna MacDonald (Co-director, co-screenwriter, co-producer, actress), Tru Love.

Festival Section: Hearts.

Tru can’t commit to relationships. She’s good at getting into them, it’s staying there that’s the hard part. With a trail of broken hearts behind her, Tru believes she’ll always be the one to leave first. Then she meets Alice, the widowed mother of her friend. Suddenly here is someone who can break through Tru’s defences and make her stay. But as the saying goes, the path to true love never does run smooth and before they can explore their burgeoning feelings for each other, Alice’s jealous daughter is doing everything to stop the relationship. With strong central performances and a wintry Toronto backdrop skillfully used, Tru Love is a story about love, loss and the strength it takes to accept both.

Reporter: Matt Micucci.

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