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Katy Scoggin – Berlinale Talents 2019

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The director and cinematographer introduces herself for FRED.

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PODCAST | Katy Scoggin, director and cinematographer.

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Katy Scoggin has been at Berlinale many times as a festival goer or as part of a film team. This year she is one of the Berlinale Talents and she is so thrilled to take part as a director for the first time. A big step for her!

Flood is her cinematic, decade-long search to understand her evangelical family. It begins with her failed attempt to thaw her relationship to her young-earth creationist father in a fiction short. When he charges that her film caricatures his beliefs, she turns her camera around on them. As divisive family drama takes over her script-writing, she finds herself slipping into her movie as a protagonist. But will her filmmaking teach her to love across her deepest divides?

To discover more about Flood, clik here.




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    Katy Scoggin
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    Director, cinematographer
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